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Back to School Saturday Art Classes

Enroll Early ~ Limited Space Available!

Saturday AM:

Beginners Ages 7-9 Time: 9am-10:30am

Beginners Ages 10-12 Time: 11:00am-12:30pm

Intermediate Ages 13-17 Time: 1:00-2:30


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New! Ladies Night on Friday Nights! Work with Porcelaine Clay to make beads, pendants, mugs, plates, sculptures and more!

Email me if you would like more information at


Why are we different from other Art schools?

We offer small personalized classes in an open and warm atmosphere in a homelike setting! Since your child has been in a very structured setting all day or week at their regular schools,we try to keep our classes more flexible so your child is free to express themselves in their artwork.

Each child is given the basic art skills and fundaementals to complete their still lifes, landscapes and abstracts in oil. We use a hands on approach to insure your child is able to achieve the ability to paint and draw at their own pace and successfully.

It is our philosophy that each child's art is unique and their individual talent should be cultivated in such a way they continue to develop THEIR OWN UNIQUE STYLE as they move on to more advanced levels of painting.

In the more advanced levels, children are taught more advanced skills in both painting and drawing.

Susan Clement is a Professional Fine Artist (member of NHAA, SCAA, KAA)and has been teaching Art for over 10 years.

Come join the fun today and create your beautiful masterpiece!

ART STUDIO IS LOCATED AT 48 Townhouse Rd.,Allenstown, NH 03275


Contact: 603-661-9306 or email us at

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Susan Clement's Art Studio
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Back to School Schedule Now Available! Limited Space Available! Only 4 kids per class.

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Art classes include Oil & Acrylic Painting ~ Drawing ~ Sculpture

Kid's Fine Art Classes for the Concord, Pembroke, Epsom, Allenstown, Hooksett, Manchester Areas